Brown Recluse

Male Brown Recluse

Adult Male Brown Recluse

Hides in dark undisturbed areas. 

Bite can cause Necrosis.

Black Widow Spider


Adult Female Black Widow  

The Male Black Widow has 3 red dots on abdomen , instead of the red hourglass.

Mostly found outdoors in areas usually undisterbed.

Wolf Spider


Male Wolf Spider

This is a "good spider", it eats other spiders, including brown recluse and can be found inside or outside. The female carries the egg sack on her abdomen, when it hatches she carries as many as 100 spiderlings on her body at one time.

Writing Spider

Writer Spider - Hanging in it's web waiting for lunch.

Writing Spider- Hanging around waiting for lunch.

Jumping Spider

Jumping spider

Jumping spider does not bite 

Wood Piles


Undisturbed areas are often homes to many pests including spiders and termites.