There are many different species of ants in Kentucky, but only a few regularly infesting structures. 

The most common structure infesting ant in Kentucky is the Odorous House ant.  These ants have very distinct trails and large colonies.  Innovative Pest Solutions odorous house ant program is usually a two part service: 

The initial treatment consists of an inspection and identification of the ants

  1. Treatment to the inside and out (or just to the outside) with a combination of bait and sprays. We usually will bait the inside of the house and treat the exterior with a non-repellent on the first treatment.  It is very helpful if the customer does not do any treatment on their own, as doing so may prolong the time before the pest will be controlled.   
  2. The second treatment is spaced two weeks after the initial service, this treatment is to the exterior only and  a repellent insecticide is used to keep new ants out. 
  3. We usually recommend an exterior reoccurring service to prevent new infestations in the future. 

    Another common ant that we have in Kentucky  is the Carpenter ant.  Carpenter ants are considered a wood destroying insect because they remove wood to make a home.  They usually prefer to make their homes in wood that has been damaged by water.  The carpenter ants are most active during the night and can live in structures or nearby in trees or both, so a treatment that will affect the entire colony is critical.

    Pavement ants usually make a dirt mound at the entry of the colony and are found  frequently around exterior doorways and expansion joints in slab homes .  The colony size is usually small and the ants do not form distinct trails.  Treatment to the entry of the colony is usually key managing this pest.  

Treatment for  ants has come a long way in the past 15 years.  With the use of non-repellent insecticides, and baits we can effectively control ants with minimal chemical use. 

Note the differences of the Termite and Ant

Note the differences of the Termite and Ant