A local Family owned business that offers Professional and Quality Pest Services for the safety of your Family, Home, Business and the Environment. 


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Our Company History

​Innovative Pest Solutions was established in Owensboro,  KY in 2006 and provides innovative and conscientious pest management for the safety of  your home, business and the environment. 

 The late owner of the company, Tom Dixon grew up here in Owensboro, and received  a masters degree in entomology from the University of Kentucky. Tom customized pest solutions for customers for nearly 20 years,  He knew that providing the customer with a quality service was the key to a good business. 

Tom brought Perry Lutz on staff in July of 2014, with the goal of expanding the commercial side of the business. Perry has over 41 years experience in the Pest Control industry.  Since Tom's passing, Perry has become the LPCO for the company, and is the Director of Operations for the company. The company Owner/President is Kathy Dixon Thompson. Kathy is active daily in the overall management of the company and enjoys helping our customers.

Innovative Pest Solutions offers  a  personalized pest management service, with employees that show up on time,  are courteous to customers,  and perform thorough pest control services  with guaranteed results. 

Why Us?

The best protection for your family, home, or business from unwanted intruders, is to stay diligent by utilizing a customized pest control maintenance program, designed by our professional pest management technicians.

Our licensed technicians provide thorough inspections  as they devise the best plan for your pest problem.  These programs are based upon getting results that will be long lasting, not a temporary "fix".

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work hard for our customers to provide exceptional results every day and every service. 

Ask us about the warranty on your specific service today.

Meet our Core team

Perry Lutz


Director of Operations and LPCO

Kathy Dixon Thompson



Jacob D


Licensed Technician

Jaclyn H


Licensed Technician

Contact Us 270-685-3556

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. For estimates or questions on our services, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

The Owensboro office is a great place for you to bring your specimens for identification, or bring in payments.   Please understand that  we are out preforming pest services most of the day, so make an appointment if you need to see us at the office. 

Innovative Pest Solutions

1635 Triplett Street, Owensboro, Kentucky 42303, United States


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 7:30AM-5PM

Please remember we are often out in the field and not in the office. Please call  ahead of time if you would like us to identify your pest for you. Please put insect in air tight container and  in- tact for easiest identification.